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Nyheder, 10-09-2015

Applying for asylum in Finland

In Finland The Finnish Immigration Service is the agency that processes and decides on matters related to immigration, residence, refugee issues, and Finnish nationality.

You may only apply for asylum in Finland while within the territory of the state of Finland. You may not apply for asylum to a Finnish diplomatic mission abroad or by contacting Finland by regular mail or email from abroad.

International protection means asylum, or refugee status; subsidiary protection and humanitarian protection.

The Finnish Immigration Service determines whether an asylum seeker is a refugee when it makes a decision on his/her application. Refugee status is granted to those who are given asylum or accepted by Finland under the refugee quota.

An asylum seeker can also obtain a residence permit on the basis of subsidiary protection or humanitarian protection but will not have refugee status in that case.

More information: Applying for asylum

Source: The Finnish Immigration Service
Source: The Finnish Immigration Service

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